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Dec. 3rd, 2012 10:36 pm
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And so today, Monday, the day I dreaded yesterday, is coming to a close in less than two hours.

I am very pleased to announce I have conquered, somehow finished, and somewhat started some of the things on my to-do list.

Today's list of accomplishments include:

1. Finishing things I needed to transact for my license. 
It sure was a heavy dump of guilt in my heart as I watched and went with the flow on how governmenrt offices work, A little share of wealth and viola! One could finish a task requiring patience and wit too easily. Unfortunately, I was made to go like that this morning.It is a shame for an Iska to be doing something like that. People working on that office seem to know other part-time jobs. I was not to made my own choice in order to make my elders happy for me. I deserve not to be called an Iska. >.<

2. Ok'd Bagsakan duties.
It seems there's not much to bagsak for our schedule, and because of this, I believe, that our commhead told us co-heads that we should just try better at the Pahabol. The items submitted at Pahabol are only at half-points, though. :( We should really try our hardest next time. Especially because I can feel we have no supporting fund from the national body. TT__TT And the Bagsakan's gonna be a KKB event. >.< Arghhh. I was planning to be thrifty this season pa naman in order to buy gifts for my parents. I can see a bleak future with my empty wallet and limited ATM withdrawals. >.<

3. Started with labrep part.
Just started. I'm on my way for the second paragraph until my eyes urged me to lie on my bed and sleep. Thankfully, there's LJ on which I can shift my attention! Hope I won't be carried away. I need to finish this! Aja!

4. Finished Christmas shopping for manito and manita.
For manita, I have bought two things off her wishlist: a bento box with a mathching kerchief to wrap it up and a pillow. Hooray! Hope she'll like the bento box even though it looks childish. The pillow which I brought from Saizen looks really cute! I was tempted to buy her a DongA set of colored pens but fortunately, I found a good bento box. I was not as good as what I got last year, but at least it was layered. For manito, I bought his request of earphones. Definitely not from CD-R. :)) It was pretty good for a cheap hundred and twenty bucks. I'll buy the mouse pad or the cookies/desserts when I have the time next time.

THERE! I'm gonna finish my labrep part. Or at least half of it. Thank God for helping me out with these, despite the heartbreaks! XD
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It's the first week of the last month of the year. And I will be so freaking busy starting tomorrow until the end of eternity.

This semester, I've decided to slowly mix in some org stuff and acad schiz. There wasn't suppose to be any problem 'til another side of my life collided with these two.

I'm supposed to get or either, to apply for my driver's license tomorrow. Also, tomorrow's our org's schedule for Bagsakan, a bidding activity for a booth at the Fair. And, I also need to finish my part of the lab report tomorrow.


My driver's license can't wait, because my student's permit nearing expiration. >.<

Our org's Bagsakan is scheduled only one time, it's tomorrow or never. There should be people going and I'm still supposed to text the USC head about this on who're coming. ARGH. My co-head with this is a senior. And he is busy. And so am I. GAAAHD. I feel our comhead's mad at us. >.<

My part of the lab rep should be done tomorrow. Yes, I admit I have been procastinating a bit. That's because I've been home for the long weekend and homes, I think, are not supposed to be place for acads. I've only finish a quarter of the things I'm supposed to finish. >.<


How I wish I have several clones that can work for me. I need at least three to focus on these things. I guess I have no choice but to let me, myself, and I work. 


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