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Last Friday night of last week, December 15, have been one of the BEST-est Friday night of my life.

My last post would tell you how excited I was for that Friday night

And yes, I am so happy to announce that all the things I was excited were the things that made me happy last night.

Before I left my aunt's house, they gave me my Christmas present. :'>
It's kind of a big thing for me, as I have been leeching at their house for the past two years of my college life. They been mothering and fathering me, spoiling me, as if I'm their daughter for two years already. <3 I owe them a lot. <3 In exchange, I got them Ate Zelle's famous choco peppermint brownies. Next year, I'll buy them something school-related. :D

I also received a lot of presents from friends this year!
This is a big thing, too, as I'm not really the type to give just for the sake of giving and all. :( I don't have a budget to buy gifts because of my measly allowance. And so, since high school, the only priceless gift I can give to people I love is my time. :'> Sorry for being poor, friends. m(_ _)m
Anyway, I got a crazy book, a branded journal, a hardbound planner, a pair of shoes, a fancy fan, a classy rosary, a set of notepads, and a bunch of love-love-love from my friends. <333 I'll bring them omiyage from the province next year.

After our exchange gifts session, which on my part had only been receiving >.<, we killed time by going to Katips. I had my first time of eating at Bon Chon for free. XD I was so tight on my budget because I'm supposed to go home the next day and so my friend had to endure my poverty and ended by treating me. :'> Again, gomenasai m(_ _)m 
But then again, this is bonding time. <3 Tanoshikatta. :D

Two high school friends came over for our Lantern Parade. :D
At first I was kind of hesitant, as I intended the night for my college friends. 
But there was no backing out and so, they came over.Luckily, when I introduced them to my college barkada, they seem to get along well. This made me glad and it makes the whole night unexpectedly relatively light and lively. Their visit was not just for the Lantern Parade but also for the Geminid meteor shower which just made them kind of close with my college friends now. Thank God. :)

The annual Lantern Parade at school was so AMAZING that it left me gaping.
Really! Floats and lanterns from different colleges and sectors of the university were really artistically and creatively made. I was glad I had Art Stud that made me appreciate simple details of the design and things like that. Kudos to the different participating colleges!
MY only suggestion is that next year, some people should really focus on making the CS lantern. :( It should show not just our nerdy but as well as our artistic sides. This year's lantern was kind of rush and dull. :(( Bawi next year! :D

And of course, the single event that really sparked my night: my FA crush recognizing me among the people in the crowd and smiling at me!
I was grinning ear-to-ear then, never expecting that I would meet him!!! KYAAAA!!! <333 He was aiding their mascot and since I was at the immediate sides, he saw me, and smiled at me! Good Lord, that was a real blessing! For all these past months, I've been wanting to see him (since our institute moved to a new place, away from their college), I was missing him so much. :') thank Lord! <333

I also had my first experience of being at a frat's party.
A frat has been holding free dinner for that night and since, our friend's father is an alumni of the said frat, we were kind of invited there (or so I thought; I felt we invited ourselves). Anyway, who wouldn't say no to free food?! And so we ate there. Turns out, I had a lot of dormmates there. o.O I knew a lot of people (from their faces) and yeah, kind of awkward? -_-

Lastly, the meteor shower!!!
Though we haven't witness the peak of the Gemnids which is supposed to be a fireball, we saw about 20++ meteors! I was so awed that I haven;t had time to wish. :( Though we were not really on the PAG-ASA rooftop, we (college friends + high school friends) found a great place to lie down and look at the stars. :"> My friends from AstroSoc also told us lessons about the stars and constellations and I've learned a lot of things. I now know that:
> Jupiter shines at these months (planets do not blink)
> Gemini constellation consists of two stars Castor and Pollux (brighter one)
> Sirius is my friend's favorite star, belonging to the constellation Canis major
> W-shaped constellation is Cassiopoeia, and it points to the north star, Polaris
> Seeing the three stars at Orion's belt means a clear weather
> Lasers are really handy :)))

We stayed under the heavens 'til 5 am (imagine?! without any proper preparations for the cold and the dew). Funny, we ordered McDo at around 3 am for hot cocoa, but unfortunately, the receiver at the other end misheard and mistaken it for choco fudge sundae. Cold on cold, yeah. \m/


Thank God for last Friday night. EPIC NIGHT IS EPIC!!! :D

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... to be merry!


Things why I am going to be happy this week:

1. NIMBB 25th Anniversary Celebration = no classes in all my majors! Hooray for a break from lectures and lab sessions! :D

2. 130 exam postponed = no more late night studying + peace of mind for #3.

3. WelcoMBBack Alumini Homecoming = ushering, free food! Picture, pictures, pictures and bonding with blockmates + choco peppermint brownies from Ate Zelle

4. MBB Conference and Talks = week of inspiration and hope for the future + lotsa free food (lunch + AM&PM snacks)

5. MBB Trade Fair = lotsa freebies* 

* only sad thing is I didn't get that cute lab gown-wearing teddy bear.  :( Or a micropippettor. :(( GREAT THING, I won a 2gb flash drive. :D

There, there.

Tomorrow's going to be a great day too!

12/14/12 = Block Christmas Party + Oblation Run + Lantern Parade + Geminids Meteor Shower!

So excited! :D

Thank you, Lord, for a wonderful 2012. :D


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