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Oct. 30th, 2012 10:49 pm
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Name: Koyanagi Yu 小柳友

Birthdate: August 29, 1988 (Virgo)

Birthplace: Tokyo

Blood Type: A

Talent Agency: Stardust

More popularly known as:

[1] Chiba Seiya, Chiba-kun, Chiba from Yankee-kun to Megane-chan

[2] Mashima Takanori, Mashima, Shimashima from Marumo no Okite

What I love about him: Smile, Eyes, Brows, Versatility in Acting (he goes from being the nerdy Chiba to the kakkoi officeworker Mashima)

** He is the son of Brother Tom, a comedian (I think), who frequents shows such as Kinki Kid's (I forgot the name, forgive me, Koichi, Tsuyoshi!)

** He has appeared in a few other TV series such as ROOKIES, My Boss My Hero, and movies such as Taiyou no Uta (I haven't seen him there! Or maybe I'm just a little bit too blind D: )

** He owns a blog!

** I'm still looking for a livejournal page of him. Or maybe a facebook page. :((

** More picspam to follow (read P.S.). :))

P.S. I shall repair the image links when my internet connection's already friendly. ;)
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I have actually finished two Jdoramas from my collection!

And well, they are family-themed :)

I'll discuss one here and the other one next time. :3

Marumo no Okite マルモのおきて

The drama revolves around a Takagi Mamoru, played by Abe Sadao, who's single, lives alone, and works in a stationery company as a costumer service personnel. Because he can't bear the separation of his late friend's twins, a boy (Suzuki Fuku) and a girl (Ashida Mana) , he takes them in and raises them on his own. Included in the family is a talking dog!

What I love about this drama are:
1. the two kids! They are just sooooooo cute!!!And especially the girl, Kaoru! Ashida Mana, at a very young age, is surely a great actress! No wonder she has been receiving nominations and awards for her craft! Good girl!

2. Mamoru! Marumo! That's what the kids call their surrogate father. I first saw him at Cartoon KAT-TUN and I didn't know that this comedian can act and make me cry! ;_:

3. Marumo's officemate, Majima Takanori! <3 Played by the hot Koyanagi Yu, he was also in Yankee-kun to Megane-chan... and he looks like Geryl-senpai, a friend of my friend who I met over the summer and.. yeah. Haha. It's good to see him in the screen again! And he got a new haircut in the middle of the series where he ended up, as a Junno look-alike in my eyes <333 Imma make an single post for him soon. <3

I had cried bucketloads in  this drama. Every episode. ;_; Just like Yamada Taro Monogatari. ;_;

I may be that weakling but the plot's really good as it deals with bonds and family ties. ;_;

And Marumo's okite's or rules are really good. :] They're really for harmonious living. :)))

Thanks to my classmate for recommending this. As well as a classmate from grade school who already introduced me the theme song in the past months. I've been singing their song for the last few months before I had actually watched the drama. :3

(c) some photos from tumblr


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