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Oh here I go again, telling tales of how every year since last year, I fall in love get that happy crush with someone that is really out of my league, someone that doesn't really fall within my standards (Nino-ish), someone that is simply just VERY GENTLEMAN.

And so it all started after the CAMP...

My first kilig moment was when we were gathered in a hall where our Evaluations would take place. He was having a table with a couple of friends and I approached them. Being orgmates, it was absolutely just friendly actions to sit down by his side and receive the Eval forms he had been reading. We would laugh, share the funniest stories written by the children, and a lot more. It was really comfortable being by his side, me being his kouhai and him being my senpai. It was great to share those moments with him.

Once I needed to step into the ladies' room to answer nature calls. By the time I was back at 'our' table, a close friend of his had already taken up my seat. Seeing me and realizing what his friend had done, he called on to him (friend): "Uy, 'wag ka jan. Si *my name* na nakaupo jan e."

It was SUPER kind and gentleman of him to that, seeing that guy who took my chair was really one of his closest friends! Of course, I felt special and beloved. :'>

I'll write on the other parts (read: kilig moments) tomorrow when I have time. ;)

P.S. Sharing to you all my theme song for this summer. <3 Lovin' the lyrics!


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